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Our Guarantee

Impact Driver 916.917.918  3 year warranty

Impact driver

Use a hammer, strike the top of the impact driver, and convert it into a rotating power loosening screw/nut.

It’s very effective for screws/nuts that are locked by a large torque or rust, and it can be replaced with impact sockets, Slotted bits or Phillips bits , or Hexagon bits, etc.

Based on our experience, we would recommend the removed screws/nuts must be replaced.

For AUTO repair, motorbike repair and machine repair

(especially the screws of Hydraulic Chuck)

Go Through Stud Remover and Installer Set

# Stud Remover   # studextractor

  • All in one = Wrench Socket Set
  • Go Through = Not limited by the length of Stud
  • Hexagon drive end (14mm or 17mm) (Reversible)
  • Each Socket has Stud Sizes directions.

For example, HEX14-M6 is Ø 5.6- Ø 6

  • Three internal rollers grip the stud securely in either direction for quick and easy removal and installation.
  • CR-MO Ratchet Spanner 14*17 mm (Reversible & Long Lifetime)
  • For Auto Repair , Motorcycle Repair , Construction Tools

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